Research led Creativity

Expert Reviews
Our expert reviews are for companies who have a website or product that you know can be improved in some way or isn’t quite fulfilling your vision. The work we produce is not just to be talked about in meetings or to make certain people feel good or bad but is meant for everyone in the business to see where your site or product stands and how to improve it.
The Approach
We define a series of tasks a user might wish to do and assess how well these can be achieved. Common examples would be to purchase a product, or find out key information such as location.
Over time sites can take on a life of their own and become unwieldy with content and sections. Mapping the structure of what you have enables us to find the weak spots.
We comprehensively list, categorise and describe all the issues we have encountered.
We rate each issue based on severity, and prioritise them for action based on your goals.
We present an idealised solution, accompanied by an executive summary of the review.
The Result
You’ll receive a comprehensive report, viewable online and on any device (password protected of course). We aim to make our reports useful to everyone, so you’ll see:
key findings
A Clear executive summary of our key findings and recommendations, great for your C-Suite.
We justify what we’re saying in plain english, so anyone can quickly understand what we’ve done.
Detailed listing of all the issues and their prioritisation, that can easily be fed into your development team.
the cost
Our prices start at £4000 for small projects and for large scale projects we are very competitive. We also offer discounts for non-profit organisations, social enterprise and education sector. If you think our Expert Review might be a good fit for you, get in touch below.